PT for the Injured Physical Therapist


[ 2 minutes to read ]
I was quite humbled earlier this year when I got injured and my dreams of running a marathon came to a crashing halt. For 15 weeks I was faithful to a running program that was showing some real promise.  I was getting faster and feeling so good.  One day, after a workout I came back to the clinic and I noticed I could barely walk.  Now this was not your standard post-running pain, it was pain that limited my ability to bend my knee and put weight on my leg.

I immediately sought out skilled physical therapy.  The course of treatment of was initially focused on inflammation control with ice, range of motion and a technique that was new to me; dry needling.  Dry needling is similar to acupuncture and it did wonders for the acute pain.  The therapist I work with, Dr. Angelo Pompeo did a great job of identifying and needling my problem area.  I was able to walk pain free immediately.  I also attempted Kinesio tape which did wonders for the swelling that had occurred, thanks to our student athletic trainer Daniel Fox.

Once I could bend and straighten by knee again I had learn to walk correctly again.  I was surprised how quickly my leg weakened over 2 weeks.  I did a variety of leg strength exercises, plyometrics and core strength work.

I week before the race I still some hamstring tension which had not completely resolved from the initial injury. The final missing piece was some quality deep tissue work done by a physical therapist friend of mine Michael Moore.  He used a small stainless-steel instrument that really targeted the hamstring.

I thought had the perfect the plan of attack to run the marathon but my body thought different.  However, I received some great physical therapy that allowed my to complete the half marathon. Looking back it was a great experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Don’t suffer in silence, if you are a runner with knee pain please seek physical therapy we are happy to see you.