PT for the Injured Physical Therapist

I was quite humbled earlier this year when I got injured and my dreams of running a marathon came to a crashing halt. For 15 weeks I was faithful to a running program that was showing some real promise. I was getting faster and feeling so good. One day, after a workout I came back to the clinic and I noticed I could barely walk.


Benefits of Dry Needling in Physical Therapy

[ ] Dry needling (DN) is a technique in Physical Therapy practice with increasing popularity and a growing body of high-quality evidence to support its use. In DN a thin, solid filament, “dry” needle– one without medication or injection, is used to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying myofascial trigger points, muscular, and connective tissues […]


Tips on Managing Increasing Healthcare Costs

When open enrollment began for health insurance plans on the exchange, many Americans were surprised to see that some plans had increased in cost as much as 25%. A recent article in the Los Angeles Times stated that the reason for the increase was due to the cost to cover all people who signed up for health insurance via the exchange in 2016.